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In 1999 my younger brother Jeff started a clothing and toy drive for the native people living on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota. You can go to the following web page and read a little bit about every year if you would like. If you do please read the first posting I think it is the best. Jeff is remarkable person in many ways. When he was little he was always interested in playing the drums. One day when he was 11 or 12 he was watching my older brother Bob and I playing guitar. We took a break and Jeff just picked up my guitar and started playing. I had heard about such things before but I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was in college and didn't have much money but I scraped some cash together and bought him an electric guitar for $15.00 the next day. Since then he has developed into one of the best electric guitarists I have ever heard, period. Right now he is primarily performing with Erin Higgins in southwestern Ohio, but he has also had some great bands, least of which was Love Junkie At 19 Jeff had a bought with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and through some strange complications he lost approximately 98 percent of his vision. In spite of this challenge he has developed a career as a performing musician, teacher and recording engineer. Every month he also provides a CD's worth of sound beds, jingles and parody songs for AM radio distribution across the US. He has an incredible work ethic but he works very hard to make a living. While many of us are content to either enjoy our success or complain about our lack of success, 8 years ago Jeff decided to initiate a clothing and relief drive for the Lakota Sioux. The success of this drive has been over whelming, and thanks to some of his dear friends and some generous corporate support he has been successful in delivering semi truckloads of goods to these folks who are in very dire straights. This spring, Jeff had some very serious medical complications associated with Histoplasmosis and he nearly died. He was severely weaken and his road to recovery in light of his work load had been arduous. Even so this year Jeff has again resumed his relief drive and for the first time, he has been invited to ride along with the trucker to deliver the 40 plus pallets of clothing toys and house hold commodities. They are leaving on the 11 th of December and returning on the 15th While Jeff is really excited to go I am asking if you could just take a moment to send a positive thought or prayer his way to grant him a safe journey and return. Thank You Steve Madewell
Today was the first day of an agreement between Madewell Music and Sutton Records involving the promotion of Arrow Creek to NPR radio stations in several regions of US and folk based stations in the UK. There will also be efforts to solicit interest and reviews from singer songwriter publications and other distribution companies. If you would like you can listen to "Is This What We Have Become" and "Climb" on Folk Alley. Folk Alley has a section called Open Mic for new and independent singer song writers to post songs. There is some really good stuff there. Check it out! Two weeks ago I did my first broad cast. I really appreciated those folks who wrote back with suggestions and requests for what they wanted to see either in future emails or posted on the web. I will take those to heart and get on it as time permits. If you would like to be added to the email list, go back to the home page and sign up! Steve
WEBRADIO GOLDEN FLASH DJ Ray Pieters, contacted me a few weeks ago and inquired about playing Arrow Creek on his award winning web radio show. For 27 years he has been hosting his own Radioshow " Somewhere Between “ based in Westerlo, Belgium. Thanks to Ray, a few cuts from Arrow Creek are being played in Europe. Thanks again Ray! And for those who caught any of my tunes on "Somewhere Between" and decided to check out my web page, Hello and thanks for listening and visiting! Peace Steve
Yes indeed it was a real treat. First of all it is wonderful for a community to have such an active arts program! Thank you Julie and Keith for having me down! Secondly it was a really really nice feelling to see “sold out show” on the flyers! Jim, your place was really nice and I just had to use that big old couch on stage. I mean why not? To all the folks that came out, thank you for being such a great crowd. Hopefully I will be back! Steve
Sopg Of The Year is as it says, a song writing competetion, that has several catogories. I submitted Wound Too Tight and was selected as a finalist for the month of August. Here is the link if you want to see the listing Here are some of the comments from the review SONG WRITER Stephen Madewell NAME OF SONG Wound Too Tight COMMENTS ON EMOTIONAL IMPACT Your lyrics have a playful, upbeat feel as you ramble about the woes of life. The music has a solid, traditional groove that suits this song well. Your title is a perfect fit that grabs the attention and wholly reflects the song. This is a very fun song. COMMENTS ON TECHNICAL EVALUATION: Your vocals are very good. They have consistency and a very nice sound. Your music is simple but good, with a nice, upbeat acoustic groove. The melodies are simple but do a good job of setting the mood for the song. Structure is perfect, with smooth flow, smart arrangement, and a rhythm and tempo that fits the song. The production is great and could just use a little fine tuning in your final mix and the presence of the overall mix. COMMENTS ON MARKETABILITY: This may not be the most marketable song, but someone looking for a fun album track won’t be able to pass this one up.
The last weekend of Sept. was great. Had a business trip to Indy, which provided an opportunity to stop in Dayton and listen to brother Jeff and Erin Higgins do a show at the Toll House. They were both sporting new Taylor Koas, which sounded great. Got back in time to perform an early show at the Rocky River Fest. on the west side of Cleveland on Sat. Really nice to see the partnership in that watershed coming together for such a nice event. Cleveland Metroparks was a wonderful host site. I hustled off to Geneva on the Lake to do my last afternoon show of the year at the Old Fire House and Marge and Harry showed up!Sweet to have the freindly faces, and talk with Harry about building a guitar for me! Concluded the weekend playing sunday night at a lovely barn party for Jon and Aimee. What a super evening. Again great to see familar faces, and hear so many nice comments. Hope everyone who took an Arrow Creek CD home enjoys it! Will be working on the house this week. A brief performance next weekend for a memorial dedication for Chuck Ashcroft. Chuck was the Director of the Gand RIver Parnters Inc. and he passed away entirely too early. He was a wonderful and gentle person, and he loved the song Rivers and Trails. We could all only hope to preserve a little piece of the world in our life time and Chuck did just that. I am honored to have been asked to play a song at the dedication of this Grand River access area that will be named for Chuck.
Saturday, MJ and I ran up to and caught Greg Brown at the Ark in Ann Arbor. The guy is a treasure. Wonderful show. Bo Ramsey opened up and also played with Greg. Bo's guitar work was so subtle and just kept building through the night. I always find it wonderful when someone slowly but surely kicks me in the pants. Ann Arbor is such a sweet little city and the Ark is a great venue as well. Big Fun. Ohh Checked out the Herb David guitar studio...I don't know, might have been a mistake. I keep preaching we all need to give up the want, but there was one guitar there that....well...i might want. Hit the road after the show in order to get back to Cleveland to do play some tunes at the Gold Cup horse show Sunday. Nice late morning early afternoon event. Saw a surprizing number of folks from the Greenville Inn days.
For a number of years Al Bonnis and I played together as Late As Usual, sometimes as a duo and sometimes as a trio with my friend Vance Wissinger. A few years ago I started working on more of my original material and began doing more solo performances. All the while Al has been playing with his son Andrew who is really a very good musicain in his own right. This past week we did a couple private parties together. One night AL and I played electric guitars and we did a selection of blues and swing numbers. The next we all play "unplugged" including Andrew on an upright. Big fun all the way around!
My second CD arrived just in time for a series of shows the first weekend in Sept. For now you can download a digital version through: I was so fortunate to have a very nice article appear in the in the News Herald about the CD and the activities of the weekend. Bob Hollister flew in just for the occassion! We had one crazy night of running around and rehearsing, and then we were off to the races... We did a sit down concert as a benifit for the Hospice of the Western Reserve on Friday night. Bob did a great one hour show, then I did a bout half the songs from the CD. Which by the way is named after the creek valley where Bob lives. Wine and cheese followed and a good time was had by all. All the proceeds for the evening including CD sales went to Hospice. Saturday was a similar show at the Geauga Park District's Donald Meyer Center for about a hundred folks, only this time Bob and I just took turns doing tunes. We even sang a few together! Sunday it was off to the Conneaut Cellars annual patron pic nic where we had a blast playing anything and everything that came to mind. It was a great weekend, but I sure missed Caroline Quine... She worked so hard with me, pulling and pushing me along the way during the recording process. And she also did the Graphics on the CD....Which are lovely. Oh yes the CD, in a short while it will be available through CD Baby, eventually I tunes and Digimusic. But first I have a few things to take care of in the mean time.

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